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Formed in late 2007 Devil's Details was founded to exploit the growing divergence of the game market. Games have moved beyond their original niche as entertainment for children and are now part of advertising campaigns, training programs, film productions and social networking web sites. These new markets need a bridge into the game production world and this is what we provide, whilst also working in the established games industry.
The company is located in Sheffield, England which has the advantage of a vibrant local development community supported by the UK government via Game Republic and various region specific initiatives.
Devil's Details is a member of Game Republic.
The company's two founders, Pete Bratcher and Steve Oldacre have extensive experience in game and technology development.
Pete is a technology expert with strong mathematical skills and extensive experience in delivering cutting edge solutions and optimisation.
Steve has a strong background in building, organising and managing teams and also has considerable programming experience. Both have proven track records as contractors and as such are used to delivering in difficult circumstances.
Our in house technology is designed to enable projects, rather than be the focus of our work. We use proven open source solutions wherever possible because we've seen the wheel re-invented too many times. We believe in keeping everything as light weight and decoupled as possible allowing the technology to be easily adapted to new situations.
We have been asked if we'd use external technology in the past and we have no qualms about this. Customers only care about the game, not how it was built or what technology it is powered by.

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